Beyond Valentine’S - Love After The 14th Of February

It's a lovely idea to spend a whole day worshiping love, taking loved ones out for dinners and buy teddy bears with cute messages. Valentine's gives us an opportunity to celebrate our relationships.

But what about the other 364 days of the year?

Let this years Valentine celebration be a starting point for a refreshed, rejuvenated and remarkable relationship. These are tips on how to find love in your relationship, beyond Valentine's.

1.Find out how your partner wants to be loved.
We are all different and have different needs. Most times we tend to give love in the way we would like to receive it. If you like to be touched, you are more likely to touch your partner. But what if he or she rather wants a compliment? Ask how your loved one wants to be pampered with love. How can you make them feel good? And then start giving every day… Don't forget to share what would make you happy as well!

2.Take time to work on the relationship.
Great relationships don't just happen. You may think that love conquers all, but why not give it a hand. Give love space in the clutter of evening classes, dishes, parental duties and shopping. Make a habit of spending just 5 minutes giving each other full attention and a kiss every morning or evening. Have a special “love time” booked in every week, when you feel the love and give, give, give.


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3.Do not litter.
A lot of couple uses each other as bins for their emotional garbage. You had a bad day and your partner becomes the victim of your grumpy mood. Be careful with your littering. Your energy is contagious and your partner gets affected by you. Stop complaining, criticizing or pushing. Be aware of this and start spreading positive energy. Love with your heart.

4.Focus on being happy.
If you are happy, your relationship will bloom. Take responsibility for your needs. Make your voice heard if you feel something is not right, instead of giving silent treatments or such. Figure out what is important to you, to make you feel great and be a loving and happy person to be and live with, and start meeting those needs. Exercise, meditation, time alone, time with your friends? Make sure your partner understands the importance of you getting this.

5.Be grateful for being loved.
You are in a beautiful relationship and you have a partner. You are a team. You are friends. You are each others rock, passion and inspiration. Our minds are creating our feelings. If you think of all your partner's faults and flaws, you will feel miserable. If you think of all the fabulous traits and how happy you are for having this person in your life, you will feel the love. Your head has limited space, so fill it with positive thoughts and you will enjoy your relationship more.

Valentine's vows
On that romantic moment you share on the 14th of February, why not take the opportunity to promise each other a year of love, and not just a day. Promise each other to make effort and build a relationship that gives you energy and happiness in your everyday life.

How can love live without the candle light dinner:

I promise you that I will ………………………
I would be happy if you could …………………

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