A Big Diamond Engagement Ring Doesn't Guarantee a Happy Marriage - Especially If You're a Celebrity

Does size matter? Yes, at least to the gossip magazines and TV shows when the topic is a celebrity diamond engagement ring. But a big rock clearly doesn't help couples stay together in a marriage.

Elizabeth Taylor received a 29.4-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring from producer Michael Todd. The marriage lasted one year. This ring was minuscule in comparison to the 69-carat pear-shaped diamond ring Richard Burton gave to Elizabeth in 1969. Alas, the famous duo was twice married and twice divorced. Elizabeth has received several gorgeous rings in her lifetime from seven different suitors/husbands, yet no diamond nor man has been able to keep Liz happy for very long.


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Modern celebs in love haven't fared any better than their glamorous predecessors. Before "Brangelina", there was "Bradifer." Brad Pitt proposed to Jennifer Anniston with a 3-carat Damiani ring, which was just perfect until a little project titled "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" came along. (The still ring-less and unmarried Angelina appears to be quite in love, albeit without the symbol on the left ring finger from the father of her six children.)

Jenny from the block, AKA Jennifer Lopez, was indeed fooled by the rock that she got from Ben Affleck. A 4-carat pear-shaped diamond wasn't enough to keep Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey together. And although Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah's couch and professed his love to Katie Holmes with a 6-carat oval diamond ring, my guess is there's some sort of contract between the two and once that's up, she's out of there. Still, the publicists continue to keep the dream alive...

I have high hopes that some of these favorite recent celeb-marriages will work out, in spite of the giant bling they flaunt in front of the paparazzi: Jennifer Hudson (5 carat center diamond); Ali Larter (4 carats); Katherine Heigl (4 carat pear-shaped diamond); Beyonce (18 carats); Eva Longoria (5 carat emerald-shaped diamond); and J Lo (14.5 carat cushion-cut from Marc Anthony. It's a wee bit larger than the 6.1 carat pink diamond she wore when engaged to Mr. Affleck.)

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